Excerpt from Giota Dimitriadi’s review for McNally’s Master Class in Mikro Horn Theatre, Athens (review in Greek)

[…] Nicolas Maraziotis with his magical voice gives a moment of utter tenderness to the show, when he sits and sings next to Maria Nafpliotou. It felt like he became the boy that Maria fell in love with back in the days, [perhaps] Meneghini, Onassis…the admirer that leapt from the balcony for her. […]
[…] Arias by Bellini, Verdi and Puccini are performed exceptionally live onstage without any pre-recorded material by the three singers/students [Vassia Zacharopoulou, Lito Messini, Nicolas Maraziotis] […]

You can read the full review in Greek here: https://www.viewtag.gr/

You can find more information about the production here: https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/theatro-mikro-xorn/master-class/